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Welcome to SteelBlue & Co.
Small Women’s Clothing Shop, Aren’t they fun?  When you stop in, they always feel just a little more personal and exciting don’t they?  You feel like you really get the personal attention that you desire when you're shopping for a gorgeous little gem.  You're always hoping to see something fresh and new, maybe out of the ordinary.  When you find it, you exclaim, sometimes out loud, “Where did you find this!?!”
With steelblue that is the virtual excitement I feel I have created. Always looking for places and items that fit certain criteria...
  • Different than the beautiful outfit that I just bought at Dress Barn or Macy’s only to be at a gathering with two other women wearing the same outfit.  You know the feeling!
  • It’s been said that a boutique is just a name for a clothing shop that carries overpriced goods.  Not here.  If I would not pay the price my products are labeled with, I would not offer them to you.
  • My goal is... I want you to be able to sign into my boutique and see something new on a regular basis... to say to yourself, “I wonder what she has new this week?!” Or “I wonder what special she has running today?!” And then for you to find something you can see yourself in and looking beautiful.
  • Too often, the clothes I have purchased in a boutique or otherwise, have looked perfect in the store.  Then at home the item simply is not comfortable at all.  For steelBlue I search for fashionable clothing that is soft flowing with “wiggle room” (If you know what I mean! ;)). I feel every woman can look absolutely gorgeous and still be comfortable!
More than anything else...
I feel for myself, that I will only be successful if I give you what a real boutique is all about - Personalized Service.  I really do want to help you.  I want to get to know what each of you like and don’t like to the best of my ability.  This is what I love to do.  As I find what you like I will be even more capable of offering what you need.  That being said... talk to me!  I have made myself available to you in many ways.  Feel free to email me - - it's on my site for your benefit.  Chat with me - make use of the online chat capabilities on the site.  I would love to spend time answering your questions or even just discussing product choices.  Finally - Review my Products - tell me and everyone what you like about what you have enjoyed.
Feel free to comment here - I would love to hear from you!
“Look Your Best”
“Feel Your Best”
“Be Your Best”
“Wear The Best!”
StellBlue & Co.
see you on!
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