Collection: Honeybee

We love to support and be the voice of those that cannot speak. Always keep in mind you can always support pet rescue. They can use any donations you can give. There are many ways to help. Rescue, foster, feed, donate, and walk shelter dogs. Buy snacks, cookies, and toys. Most important is to do something. Ms. Honeybees is a rescue dog; we have pictures of her on the day she was in line to be euthanized. But we think she rescued my husband and me. You can start by visiting Mutts and Runts Rescue online.  Give freely and receive freely. 

We created the Honeybees collection. We added some of her favorites and unique gadgets we know you'd love.

These are special item orders, and they may take longer to receive, up to 15 days. Once you place your order with us, we will start working on it immediately! 

Honeybee - SteelBlue