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This is Ms. Honeybees  
She has become the love of my life.  I rescued her at first sight.  I could see behind her timid and fearful face and demeanor that we were meant to be the best of friends.  I will explain why and how I got her in a minute - but first...
Why should you rescue if you can?
Simply put — You’ll save a dog’s life. There are so many healthy, lovable dogs scheduled for euthanasia in rescue centers right now that it just doesn’t make sense to pay a breeder for an animal. Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings who deserve a chance at a long, happy life, and the rewards you get from rescuing are far greater than ever imaginable.
I recommend Mutts and Runts Rescue.  Brandi and her team really care.  They will help you find exactly what you want... what you need.  A forever friend and a forever home.  Here is a little about them.  Click the link to their Facebook page.
Mutts and Runts Rescue was founded in 2017 after seeing the numerous strays, neglected and often abused animals in Bakersfield. Being a transplant, Brandi Reed was taken by surprise of the overpopulation of dogs and knew she needed to do something. In her first year, 100 dogs were placed into loving homes.

Our rescue dogs typically consist of strays and severe medical cases. With limited fosters and volunteers, our long-term goals are to improve our community outreach and financially assist other rescues when they take in cases, we aren't able to physically assist.

Mutts and Runts has extended to serve Reno, Nevada. Reno, having a large dog friendly community, has the opposite problem of Bakersfield- they don’t have enough dogs for people willing to adopt. Together, we’re able to help more dogs get their happy ending with loving families, additional support of fosters, volunteers, fundraising, and access to a wonderful rehab facility.
Ok now... How I found her
My exterminator, who is a family friend, knew of our situation.  He just happened to also service the home of Brandi from Mutts and Runts Rescue.  When he saw Honey on each of his visits, he thought of us and our situation and decided to send us a picture of her.  That was it! We set up our meet and greet and the rest is history.
The early days were challenging at times.  As time passed trust formed.  Emotions grew.  Voids were filled in both of us.  Now our personalities are molded together and bonded in a way only a dog lover would know.
 She came into my life at the perfect time, probably the lowest era of my existence.  You see, my life partner, my best friend, was dying.  My three babies, Guni, Roxy and Leena, all three, started to show the same symptoms of my husband's terminal illness and all passed away within a months' time.  I was devastated. Even I did not realize how much of a part they played in my life.
I will miss them forever.  
But then... Honey came, not a replacement, but a new beautiful member of my family.  Come to find out this precious gem had a rough beginning.  On the verge of being lost forever, Brandi saved her. She teamed up with K9 Intuition and gave her the basics for survival.  The beginning of trust.
Honey has helped make my life happy and positive.  Every day I wake up to her happy energetic smile and personality.  My husband survived after four years of serious illness thanks to my adopted son, the man married to my daughter, because of his willingness to be an organ donor.
Save a beautiful dog of your choice. One that fits you. Get to know them and love them.  They may just help you in a way you never expected.
In my memory forever...
 Here are three of the most loved and missed beings that ever came into existence:
Leena, Roxy and my precious Guni

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I have 2 rescues, a dog and a cat. One was rescued by a friend alongside the highway and another I rescued from Kern County Animal Shelter. They are both older now but I love love love them!

Tammy Fernandez

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