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Waist Cover Water Warm Bottle Belt

Waist Cover Water Warm Bottle Belt

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The Waist Cover Water Warm Bottle Belt is a revolutionary home heating product that will keep you warm during the harsh winter months. This unit features plush animal inspired designs and is made with long-lasting insulation to provide you with a comfortable, soft experience. It is able to free your hands at all times, as well as provide great hot compresses to help repel fatigue from the body. Featuring one-piece molding, this bottle belt is both anti-scald and leak proof, keeping you safe from any potential harm. With its thoughtful designs and durable construction, it serves as the perfect gift for family members, friends, or even children during those cold winter days. With the Waist Cover Water Warm Bottle Belt, keep yourself warm no matter where you are!



Product Type: Warm Belt
Heating Method: Water Injection
Belt Material: Flannel
Belt Size: 110*19cm (43.3*7.48inch)
Hot Water Bottle Material: PVC
Hot Water Bottle Capacity: 1000ml
Hot Water Bottle Size: 24x16x6cm (9.45x6.3x2.36in)
(The waist belt is only suitable for hot water bottles smaller than 24x16x6cm (9.45x6.3x2.36in).)
Scope of Application: Home, Office, Outdoor, etc.

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