About Us


This is my Husband Eddie and I.  Starting a Boutique has been a lifelong dream of mine.  I have already run two successful businesses, but now, I want to have fun! Doing what I enjoy.

I put my heart into my work and my family.  Any obstacle can be overcome with a positive attitude, focus and hard work.  They do not stand in my way.

I hope you like my hand-picked, beautiful, yet comfortable items.  I wouldn’t buy anything I don’t wear myself.  Please enjoy!  Reach out to me anytime, rachel@steelbluehue.com.


STEELBLUE products are innovated to represent a passion of positivity, comfort and confidence.  

Passion in how I feel about myself and my family is what drives me to help women gain powerful self-esteem with a positive view of the future.

My handpicked products will comfort you with color and style!  They are few and varied, yet perfect.  They are chosen with care for quality, comfort and especially appeal.  Every woman is beautiful. I want to spark that burning desire in you to show off your individual, internal and external beauty! To “LOOK, FEEL AND BE YOUR BEST”. To “WEAR THE BEST”.