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“What am I going to wear?” That is a question most of us ask ourselves on a daily basis!

 How do you personally make that choice?  By the occasion, mood, how you feel at the time or maybe even to reveal a certain lifestyle.  Either way it can be quite expensive to have a wardrobe for each of the occasions we wish to dress for.

If your anything like me - time is short and hours are few.  Life seems to be more and more busy every day!

The challenge with this is that our choice of clothing says a lot about us and the way we dress can even make an unwanted statement about who we really are.

 For example - put this perception into your mind and picture how you would dress to make the statement:

“I want to stand out. I want to sell myself as fantastic!”

“I want to be an approachable friend.”

“I want to find someone to love me!”

“I want to be dignified and be respected”

“I’m mad and want everyone to stay out of my way!”

“I just want to be comfortable, look nice and not draw attention.”

 Can you picture the choices you would make from your closet?

 I was becoming exhausted in my hunt for clothing that would fit my taste and style.  That is why was hatched.  Different colorful styles that are interchangeable and can be tailored to almost any occasion or mood.  To make the hunt enjoyable rather than frustrating for you.

 The difference is:  We have searched for some of the best quality product we can find, that is classy, unique and comfortable.  I’m so sure you will agree, that if you don’t, we will give your money back.

 Hopefully you see that the style steelblue & co. has to offer reflects good quality clothing - at a decent price.

 Choosing your clothes should not be too difficult. Like a frame on a picture, your clothes will neither smother your personality nor insult it.

But always remember your inner beauty should always go far beyond the limits of your wardrobe. 

with love 



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